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-- 100% FREE to All Unlimited Customers!!! --
-- iOS6 Supported! --

Full list of devices is available once you are logged in. We update our software constantly to keep you up to date!

Alltel, CricKet, MetroPCS, MobiPCS, nTelos, Page Plus, and Revol
Now Supporting International Carriers:
Iusacell, Multilinks, Starcomms, Visafone
More coming soon!
Email us to add yours!

Samsung Galaxy S3 Youtube Fix:
On the phone go to tools.flashingtools.com/
Download app.
Adjust the media settings and save!

Gift Payments:
All gift payments for Unlimited will be applied directly to the account.

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New Revolutionary All-in-One Flashing Suite


- Over 150 Models and counting.

- Our Full Flashes are actually Full. Means MMS is working

- Most phones can be flashed in under 5 minutes.

- Simple and Easy to Use UI.

- Current available carriers are Cricket and PagePlus.

- FREE Lifetime Upgrades!

- New phones, new carriers, and new features are FREE for LIFE!

Featuring a stand-alone login system that allows you to
login from any PC with your account!

Don't wait for HWID change ever again!!!

We know how important timely work is, and we also know that hardware fails. So all our Pay-Per-Flash customers can enjoy the freedom and no hardware ID locks!

-- Fully Featured Tools to Make Your Flashing Easier! --

My Account

- Features easy to use shortcuts to simplify purchasing and refilling credits.
- Easy Pin Entry
- A Full Account History to keep track of all your flashes.

Built-In Account Refill

- Easily enter your pin anytime to refill your unlimited account.

- Completely secure! The pins are instantly verified with our server!

Coming Soon: PIN based credit refills!

Fully Featured Account History

- Track all your flashes.
- Keep track of what your employees do.
- Reference older flashes to check the exact date.
- Currently we feature a 7 Day view.
Coming Soon: Fully searchable history to find any flash you have done in the past.

Blackberry Tools

- Open Desktop Manager
- Factory Reset Blackberry
- Buy SPC for Newer Model Blackberry

Other Tools

- Full MEID/ESN Converter
- Device Manager Shortcut

-- Device Support --


HTC - Evo, Evo Shift, Hero, Eris, Incredible.
Motorola - Droid, Droid 2, Droid Pro, Droid X, Devour.
Samsung - Moment, Intercept, Fascinate, Epic, Transform, Continuum.
LG - Ally, Vortex, Optimus, Citrus.

Blackberry: All CDMA Models Supported.


LG: Octane, Cosmo VN250, Cosmo Touch VN270, Voyager VX10000, enV Touch, enV VX9900, Dare VX9700, Versa VX9600, VX9400, VX9200, VX9100, VX8800 Venus, VX8575 Choc touch, VX8560 Choc 3, VX8550 Choc 2, VX8370, VX8360, VX8350, VX8300, VX8100, VX6100, VX5600, VX5500, VX5400, VX5200, and more!

Pantech: TXT8040 Jest, TXT8030 Razzle, TXT8010 Blitz

Samsung: SCH-U350 Smooth, SCH-U360 Gusto, SCH-U410, SCH-U430, SCH-U450 Intensity, SCH-U460 Intensity 2, SCH-U470 Juke, SCH-U650 Sway, SCH-U740 Alias, SCH-U750 Alias 2, SCH-u820 Reality, and more.

Full library available

-- Full Features Guides To Help You Step-by-Step --

Complete Guide to Help You Step-by-Step!

- Easy to read guides that will take you every step of the way.

- No worries if you have not flashed a particular model before!

- Learn as you go!

NOTE: This software is designed for technicians in authorized locations. You have to be a dealer to qualify. This is NOT for flashing your personal device or to start a home business. We have the right to deny sale to anyone for any reason. Our mission is to put the power of flashing where it belongs. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at mfsuite@gmail.com.

Disclaimer: We are a 3rd party application with no affiliation to any of the carriers or companies mentioned here.